The company is specialized in manufacturing DHT bit, DHT hammer, air-leg rock drill, product quality has reached advanced level in the industry.

Who we are?
We, Shandong ZHONGRUI Construction Co., Ltd (registered trade mark "ZR¡± rock drilling tools, hereinafter referred to as ZHONGRUI) is an ISO9001 certificated manufacturer of various high quality rock drilling tools wildly used in mining, quarrying, construction, geothermal system, well drilling¡­ We've involved in professional manufacturing, R&D, distribution and supplying in this field for many years. From sales network¡¯s establishment, ZHONGRUI focuses on improving products¡¯ quality and reducing cost in order to serve customers good products and more benefit. It is just because of this, our products are famous in market.

What we can do?
QUALITY, SERVICE, INNOVATION AND ADMINISTRATION is the key why ZHONGRUI is among the leading class in domestic drilling industry. ERP and ISO9001 standard strictly used in production management makes us delivery quality goods in a short time. Innovation ability makes us manufacture more effective products. Professional service lets us know more on customer¡¯s requirement. We also supply comprehensive range of high quality relative products. Whatever you need, we can supply.

What we want to do?
ZHONGRUI aims to manufacture the highest quality of rock drilling tools to all customers all over the world. No matter what kind of rock drilling tools you need, we would always do our best to provide you "one stop shop" style service to meet you. Try our best to cut down your drilling cost per each meter is our desire. Long term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win is our purpose.


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