The company is specialized in manufacturing DHT bit, DHT hammer, air-leg rock drill, product quality has reached advanced level in the industry.
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     Diameter             P/N No. - Button Diameter,mm Flushing holes Spline No. Weight
  DTH Hammer
  mm   inch Gauge Front
Flat Front
  115   4  1/2 ZRQ115C-DHD340      7-¦µ16Q       6-¦µ13Q       2      8     8.2         ZRC4A
  115   4  1/2 ZRQ115CZ-DHD340      7-¦µ16Q       6-¦µ13Z       2      8     8.2
**We can customize according to your specific requirements for the bit dia., No. of flushing holes, button
  shape,face shape etc.


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