The company is specialized in manufacturing DHT bit, DHT hammer, air-leg rock drill, product quality has reached advanced level in the industry.
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ZRC8-SD8 Techinical Specifications
Length w/o bit
Weight w/o bit
Thread Rec. hole size
1463 192 180 API 4 1/2 REG 195-254
Work pressure
Impact Frequency
Air consumption
Rec. rotation speed
1.0-2.5 20 at 1.7 Mpa 15-34 15-25
ZRC8-SD8 DTH hammer features
1Mainly for drilling hole above 195mm, in geothermal, water well, quarry and mining etc.;
2Adpot more realiable air distribution method, Valvess type air distribution;
3Simple parts, more wear-resistence;
4Low air consumption, energy saving, fast penetration speed;
5Simple structure, easy maintance; highly matched parts, more realiable, low faliure rate; low disamble rate, long service life, low operating cost, very steady in performance.


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