The company is specialized in manufacturing DHT bit, DHT hammer, air-leg rock drill, product quality has reached advanced level in the industry.
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ZRHG Series Slide Block Casing Systems


ZRHG Series Concentric Casing System Technical Specifications
P/N Out Dia. Of casing tube Inner Dia. of casing tube Reamed Dia. Min. inner Dia. of casing shoe Max out Dia. of DTH bit DTH Hammer
ZRHG168 168 mm 148-155 mm 184 mm 140 mm 140 mm ZRC5 Series
ZRHG178 178 mm 158-165 mm 194 mm 148 mm 148 mm ZRC5 Series
ZRHG183 183 mm 163-170 mm 198 mm 156 mm 156 mm ZRC5 Series
ZRHG219 219 mm 199-206 mm 231 mm 188 mm 188 mm ZRC6 Series
ZRHG273 273 mm 251-257 mm 300 mm 241 mm 240 mm ZRC8 Series
ZRHG series Concentric Casing System Features
Mainly used for geothermal and water well market, high efficiency, good steablity, good strightness,
very time saving.


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