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Shandong zhongrui construction machinery co. LTD
Address : 3701 Zhuangjian Road, Kuiwen Economic Development Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
Zip code:261041
Manager li:15005366588 
Company Culture

Corporate mission
Corporate mission: Positioning “high, refined, sharp”, pursuing “new, special, excellent 
Development goal: relying on technology and the market to become bigger and stronger!
Business philosophy: Help each other and develop together!

Enterprise spirit
Love, responsibility, innovation 
Love: unity and mutual assistance, friendship and mutual coexistence.  
Responsibility: Bravely undertake and develop harmoniously.
Innovation: Relentless pursuit and market development.

Management Mode 
Humanized management + performance management 
Humanized management: People-oriented, Lisli people
Performance management: Establish a performance system and improve the promotion system.