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Shandong Zhongrui Product Compensation Principles

Shandong Zhongrui Product Compensation Principles

In order to facilitate customers to understand our company's down-the-hole drilling tool product quality problem handling standards, and enhance mutual communication, the following compensation standards are specified, please refer to the implementation.

1. The principle of compensation for down-the-hole drills:

1. Less than half of the alloy wear of the drill bit for granite and quartz sandstone shows fractures; if there are 2 or more broken teeth, broken bodies, or missing pieces on the side teeth, the residual body is recovered and 100% compensation is paid.

2. When the service life of the drill bit is less than 1/4, more than 2 pieces of the whole alloy tooth column completely fall off from the tooth hole, return it to our company for repair.

3. For the drill bit that should be compensated, the company will record the number of the compensation drill bit. If there is a break or broken tooth again, no more compensation will be made.

4. No compensation will be made for broken teeth, pieces, or broken bits of the drill caused by improper operation or other human factors or reinforced concrete.

5. The bit body and alloy have been severely worn, and there are broken bodies, missing pieces, broken teeth and missing teeth, no compensation will be given.

6. When used on soft rocks such as soil layer, limestone, and extra-hard rocks, the drill bit that has broken bodies, collapsed blocks, lost teeth, broken teeth, etc. will not be returned.

7. If continuous abnormal damage occurs to the drill bits used in batches (Impacter and 2 high air pressure drill bits above 140, 3 115 drill bits and low air pressure drill bits), immediately stop using them and contact our company or local supply in time If you don’t contact our company or the local supplier, if you continue to use it, the company will not compensate.

8. If the drill bit is compensated, it will not be jointly and severally liable.

two. Principles for settlement of DTH impactors:

1. The cracks in the outer casing, the piston and the caliper sleeve appear early in the use of the impactor, and the corresponding parts can be compensated according to the situation.

2. The impactor has already replaced the outer cylinder, has reached the end of its life, improper operation or lack of oil, no compensation will be given.

3. The impactor for water well drilling, geothermal, and underwater operations will not be compensated if the impactor cannot be impacted due to the stop of the air pressure and other reasons, such as water, mud, sand, etc., and internal wear is too large.

4. If the impactor runs under overpressure, there will be no compensation (3 inches impactor wind pressure exceeds 15bar; 4 inches impactor wind pressure exceeds 20 bar; 5 inches impactor wind pressure exceeds 23 bar; 6 inches impactor wind pressure exceeds 25 bar; the air pressure of the 8-inch impactor exceeds 35 bar; Note: 1bar=1.02kg=14.504psi (pounds/inch)=0.1mpa).

5. Early failure of the impactor can help repair until the performance is restored.

6. In the event of compensation for the impactor, no joint liability shall be assumed.

three. Principles for settlement of DTH drill pipes:

1. Under normal operating conditions, if the drill pipe breaks in the early stage, it is responsible for the compensation of the drill pipe, without joint liability.

2. The normal wear and tear of the drill pipe thread will not be compensated.

3. The new drill rod is too large to be used and can be replaced.

If there is any problem with the above products, save the broken body, and contact the manufacturer or supplier in time, and the two parties will negotiate and deal with it in a friendly manner. In addition, any old body returned to our company that needs to be assessed for compensation needs to be cut to facilitate analysis of the cause, and no compensation will be made for the damage caused. Hope to understand.